Teaching Children With Learning Difficulties

Course Duration 7 Units
Course Fee £295
Levels Certificate
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Teaching Children With Learning Disabilities

This course will teach the basics of Teaching Children With Learning Disabilities.

Children with learning difficulties often cannot cope with regular teaching methods which most regular schools offer.  A change in the manner of evaluation is important as teaching children with disabilities requires special training and presents challenges that are not found in ordinary class circumstances.

This is why the aim of this course is to augment teaching methods and educational materials to allow children with learning difficulties to understand their subjects adequately.

Benefits of this course

• Learn fundamental concepts of teaching children with learning disabilities

• Study at your own pace, anytime, anywhere; and

• Utilize knowledge earned in the professional life as a teacher for children with learning disabilities

What Will I Learn

Course Aims

Once you have completed the training course you will:

• Differentiate various learning disabilities

• Understand the difference of teaching regular students and students with learning disabilities

• Change teaching methodologies and materials to address the learning needs of children with disabilities

• Manage students with learning disabilities

Learning Plan and Content

The course includes the following topic:

  1. Introduction to Learning disabilities
  2. The impact of a Learning disability
  3. The environment
  4. Language and communication
  5. A sensory approach to learning
  6. Simplifying matters
  7. Classroom fundamentals


Course completion varies from one student or another. The students’ learning needs are addressed by the flexibility in which this course can be completed. They may choose to proceed slowly or fast, depending on the rate of understanding of the subjects, or how intensive one wishes to study a topic. There is no time limit in finishing this course.

What you will receive:
• Fundamental scientifically-sound knowledge about teaching students with learning disabilities
• Interactive online training
• Flexible study opportunity
• Full access learning modules on teaching students with learning disabilities
• Certificate of Completion

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