Sports Nutrition

Course Duration 120 hours
Course Fee £395
Levels Certificate
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SPORTS NUTRITIONThe Sports Nutrition course is available at certificate level

Sports Nutrition

What to expect

Whether you work in your local gym as a personal trainer or you are a sportsman/woman wanting to increase your knowledge, an athlete wanting to make the most of their career by enhancing their performance, an extremely busy person who is health conscious or someone who wants to take better care of themselves, or a passionate parent who’s child’s nutritional needs need revamping for them to have a happy healthy active life, this course will help you understand how to incorporate sports and balanced nutrition for the goal of a healthy lifestyle. Aim Redstone’s Sports Nutrition course will supply you with the essential information to understand the importance of mainiatining a healthy, active life and how to achieve this

Many Therapists who incorporate sports nutrition into their line of work will find knowing valuable information associated with sports nutrition helps them to summarise and identify many issues their clients have.

Our course is ultimately aimed for those who are seeking after good sound nutritional advice to help towards a planned sporting event or competition.

Benefits of this course:

  • Learn about sports nutrition as a step towards a healtheir lifestyle;
  • Study anytime, anywhere at your own pace;
  • Utilize scientifically-sound information in preparing for sports.

Course Aims
Upon completion of the training course you will:
learn vital information on the relationship of nutrition for athletes and anyone who wants to di sports;
dispel myths and misconceptions about the sporting industry; and
understand how to plan a diet properly

Learning Plan and Content

Learning Plan and Content
This particular course is divided into seven main modules:

  1. Myths And Misconceptions
  2. Principles Of Coaching In Sport
  3. Planning The Diet
  4. Vegetarians And Vegans In sport
  5. Water In Our Diet
  6. Weight Control In Sport
  7. Misconceptions, Body fat And Supplementation


Course completion varies from one student or another. The students’ learning needs are addressed by the flexibility in which this course can be completed. They may choose to proceed slowly or fast, depending on the rate of understanding of the subjects, or how intersive one wishes to study a topic. There is no time limit in finishing this course.

Course Benefits

• Essential practical and scientifically-sound information on nutrition and sports
• Full access Learning modules on nutrition, diet, weight control, and sports
• Certificate of Completion

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