Fashion Design

Course Duration 40 Hours
Course Fee £395
Levels Certificate
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The Fashion Design course is available at certificate level

Fashion Design

The Fashion Design & course develops your skills and professional aptitude in design and fashion

What to expect

Fashion Design Courses – Become a future talent in Fashion‎

Fashion is an enormous business. Latest figures put it at being worth almost £45bn a year on the high street alone. That’s not including all the smaller designers and design houses that add to this year’s ‘hot look’. This healthy state means there’s plenty of room for everyone because nowadays, fashion is all about creating your own style.

Gone are the days when people would buy everything they need from one shop. Now they mix and match designer labels with more down to earth brands. Our fashion designer course will teach you to turn your ideas and interest into a way of helping people do just that.

Our fashion design course can help you create stylish garments for yourself. Alternatively, you could begin your own career in the fashion industry.

Career prospects

The fashion industry offers exciting and glamorous career paths that many people only dream about.
Our Fashion design program is designed by industry professionals to assist you to gain a job as a fashion designer or start your own fashion design business.

There are many fashion design career paths for you to choose from. Some designers will work for leading label fashion houses while others will be employed by mass-market manufacturers of men’s, women’s and children’s apparel. Others start their own fashion design business, establishing a distinctive style and overseeing fashion creations.

If you have the passion for fashion, then a job as a Fashion Designer should be perfect for you.

Course Aims
Upon completion of the training course you will:

  • Understand different fashion design requisites
  • Learn the different colour schemes and makeover techniques
  • Understand the designing process
  • Understand business and marketing

Learning Plan and Content

The course is divided into five main modules:

      1. Introduction To Fashion Design
      • 1.1 Overview Of The Industry

2. Acquiring Essential Skills
• 2.1 Colours
• 2.2 Textures
• 2.3 Learn to Sketch

3. Seeking Work in Fashion Design
• 3.1 Personal Branding
• 3.2 Networking Your way to a Job Offer
• 3.3 Perfecting the Job Interview

4. Starting Your Own Business
• 4.1 Equipment and Supplies

5. Marketing Your Designs
• 5.1 Getting the Order


The course will take approximately 40 hours to complete.

The length of time taken to complete the course is wholly subjective of your own individual learning ability and how quickly you can study and essentially absorb the learning material. You have total flexibility to proceed as quickly or slowly as you like, and there is no specified time limit on how long you can take to do the course. The course will be available to you for 12 months.

What you will receive:

• Take a course to help you become a fashion designer.
• Learn essential practical skills as well as business techniques about fashion design.
• 40 hours interactive online training.
• Modules include colours, sketches, textile materials, design and start your own business.
• Learn to start your own business as as a fashion designer.
• Full access to materials certificate on completion.
• Great if you have an interest in fashion design or would like to become a designer.

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