CPD Accredited Introduction Payroll Management

Course Duration 100 Hours
Course Fee £295
Level Certificate
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Introduction to Payroll Management

CPD Accredited Introduction To Payroll Management Course

If your career goal or aspiration is to be a payroll processor then the Introduction to Payroll Management course would be a great starting point for you. All businesses need to pay salaries whether it is for just one employee or for hundreds. Knowing the correct procedures and protocols for recording wages, statutory pay scales the amount of Tax/PAYE, and other entitlements is crucial so that accurate and correct accounts are maintained.

This training course is perfect for the complete beginners with no experience or qualifications and/or for anyone having previously worked with payroll but has not received a qualification. The course includes the basic calculations and preparations of both a weekly and monthly payroll system, using both computerised and manual systems by using Sage Instant Payroll. The course has been designed and to demonstrate the right processes necessary for setting up a computerised or manual payroll system for an employer, clients or businesses.
The course is suitable for those students who are:
• New to payroll and who wish to obtain the skill base and knowledge required of payroll personnel prior to a work placement.
• Have previously worked in payroll but have not received a qualification.
• Wanting to return to work in payroll but need to update your knowledge and understandings of the procedures.
• Are already employed in payroll processing or similar roles and wish to ensure that you have a concrete foundation, knowledge and the necessary skills in order to perform some non-routine tasks.
• Wanting to acquire and obtain the skills necessary to use particular software’s such as Sage for your business or to help your clients set up their own payroll system.
• Wanting to provide a payroll service to your clients and customers.

Benefits of this course:

  • Learn about different concepts and techniques related to payroll management
  •  Study at your own pace, anytime, anywhere; and
  • Utilize skills earned in personal and professional life through establishing a career in the payroll process

Course Aims

Once you have completed the training course you will:

  • Understand the basics of the payroll process;
  • Apply different computations to required in the payroll process;
  • Utilize computer applications and softwares to prepare the payroll;
  • Take into consideration benefits, deductions, and leaves in preparing the payroll;
  • Prepare year-end records; and
  • Ensure that the payroll is accurate.

Learning Plan and Content

This course include discussions on:

1. Introduction To Payroll
2. Pay system
3. Codes
4. Procedures
5. Sick Pay
6. Maternity
7. Benefits
8. Schemes
9. Set Up Employees
10. Salaries
11. Leavers and Starters
12. Statutory Sick Pay and Maternity Pay
13. Loans and Holiday Pay
14. Year End Records


Course completion varies from one student or another. The students’ learning needs are addressed by the flexibility in which this course can be completed. They may choose to proceed slowly or fast, depending on the rate of understanding of the subjects, or how intensive one wishes to study a topic. There is no time limit in finishing this course.

What you will receive:

  • Essential practical skills in payroll management
  • Interactive online training
  • Flexible study opportunity
  • Full access learning modules on managing the payroll
  • Certificate of Completion

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